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Service Description: This "opt-in" e-mail news release distribution service, started in 1995 with  distribution to just 37 members of the media when they were just going online, now reaches more than 1,200 editors, broadcasters & web-writers. With each release, media recipients are given the opportunity to opt-out. This group of top-notch journalists is interested in new developments in agricultural technology news. It's their job to cover this type of news for the major print, broadcast and web site media they are employed by.

AgPR reaches members of the American Association of Agricultural Editors (AAEA), International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ), National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), and web-writers for major food & agricultural web sites.In addition, your release may be distributed to AP newswire service, select major market newspaper business editors (NY Times, London Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, etc.), and major financial business news magazines (Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, etc.) if warranted. Computer and e-commerce magazine editors, if desired, may also receive the release. You select from subsets, or call us and let us help you choose...

Key agribusiness e-commerce executives and venture capital contacts interested in agriculture technology may also be chosen to receive your release, if appropriate.

Please note, to be honest, we must let you know that we have been unable to get AgPR press releases posted to We believe they must have an exclusive press release agreement with PRNewswire, so if your release must appear there you’ll have to also send it via PRNewswire.

Cost: $480 -- An excellent value !

Compare this to PRNewswire at several times the cost, minimum, depending upon the length of the news release and the number of circuits you send it to. We've affordably priced the service so you can choose to use BOTH AgPR and PRNewswire.

Timing: You have two choices. 1) You can go to the "Order Now" button below and send your release yourself any time day-or-night, 7 days-a-week. Or, 2) You can call AgPR support staff at +1-847-836-5100 or e-mail us and we'll send your release on the day we receive it. Please call in advance to warn us your release’s coming, if at all possible.

May we have the opportunity to distribute your next news release related to developments in agricultural technology?

If you choose the "do-it-yourself" option, please click the link below to order by credit card, or PayPal, and have your release sent now!

If you're a bit nervous about this and would like a "walk-through" with us via phone before sending your first release, please contact us and we'll run through it with you.

Or, again, if you'd like us to send your e-news release for you, please contact us if you have any questions or comments 1-847-836-5100.


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