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Order your release online via our Secure Verisign Payment Processor, you will then be able to insert your AgPR newsletter release immediately. All news releases are sent out immediately after you fill out your news release information . You also have the ability to send out your news release to specific groups if you'd like. It's that easy.

AgPR.com is the most comprehensive ag media distribution site on the Web dedicated to companies who are looking to deliver their news to more than 1,200 leading editors, broadcasters & web-writers who report on new developments in food and agricultural technology.

AgPR clients have generated coverage on most ag trade print & broadcast media, AP newswire service and in major market newspaper business sections including NY Times, London Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, Business Week, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg, Bridge New Science, AP Newswire, and Smart Business.


Cost: $480



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